Chamise in Bloom

Purple Wooly Stuff

The Chamise was in full bloom with its little white flowers, along with the woolly purple stuff alongside the road.

Another working weekend, starting with the ever exciting property owner association meeting for the annual discussion of where the Forrest River gate should be moved this year. Add in a discussion of should children be hunted on the Common Parcel “A” and it was better than most. After the meeting and lunch, there was enough time for one quick lap around the meadow in search of the giant Jack Rabbit.

The vineyard then got a pruning/crucifixion on the vine wires. Before to the left; After to the right.

Sunday brought enough rain to get your hands cold but not enough to get the ground wet. A few visitors to the meadow.

After a quick hike up to the new potential home site.

The vinyard was fully pruned and formwork was placed for tomorrow’s work.

A clear and cool and breezy Monday was concrete day, until all the sacks on hand were used up setting a footing for the pump house.

The Weekend Gallery


Smoking Weed . . . .

Burning a little brush. Even the wet stuff goes up pretty fast, then making quick work of the pile afterwards.

The Weekend Gallery